• Y Combinator Hobby Cohort

    Startup to Standup

    Write a 5-minute standup comedy set together with a small group of YC founders in 6 weeks

  • Ricky Yean (YC S10)

    Cohort Lead

    "I did standup for fun between startups. Performed at open mics and a few 'shows' that were basically ponzi schemes"

    Aidan Cunniffe (YC S18)

    Cohort Expert

    "I startup by day and standup by night. Standup has closed > 1 deal...and ruined 14 others"

    Austin Nasso (Ex-Microsoft)

    Cohort Expert

    "I founded UCLA's Shenanigans Comedy Club and co-founded Socially Inept: Tech Roast Show. People pay me $20 on Cameo to be funny"

    Jesse Warren (Ex-Microsoft)

    Cohort Expert

    "I co-founded Socially Inept: Tech Roast Show and am currently 52 hours into a 72 hour fast"

  • Commitment

    6 Weeks. 2 Hours / Week.

    • 1 hour joke writing time
    • 1 hour Zoom Joke Workshop

    What To Expect

    • 👩‍🏫 Weekly Joke Workshop: Tell jokes for five minutes, receive five minutes of feedback. Tried and true format from Mutiny Radio SF.
    • 🤓 Expert Feedback: The Cohort Expert will join two of the Joke Workshop sessions to perform and give feedback. 
    • 👯‍♂️ Meaningful Relationships: Get to know other YC founders.


    • A five-minute set you can use at the next talent show for vaccinated people
  • Join the fun!

    $50 per person (50% go to experts for helping, 50% donation to Mutiny Radio SF)
    Cohort begins week of January 17, 2021
    0/6 spots available

  • Unofficial Spiritual Advisor

    Dick Costolo

    Former CEO of Twitter, member of The Second City and consultant on HBO's Silicon Valley

    "One of the rules in improv is, ‘yes and...’ — basically accepting whatever they initiate and then taking the ball and running with it. It makes the scene a lot more fun. It’s no surprise that turns out to be a great way of thinking about business too”